[Tagging] Public Transport Timetables

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Nov 7 15:27:10 UTC 2018


On 07.11.2018 14:35, Jonathon Rossi wrote:
> I've been following along the few threads to better understand this
> topic, however I'm still feeling that mapping complex timetables is a
> bit like mapping the full menu of a cafe or restaurant, or the room
> options at a hotel. These things vary whenever the service business
> chooses and it is close to impossible to keep it up to date.

Yes, that's why I continue to find that it is a very bad idea to try and
start mapping timetables.

At most, I would say let's map in coarse strokes how frequent a service
is (which is still something that is subject to change at the operator's
whim but maybe not as often).

Anything beyond that is madness and should not be in OSM. I just don't
want to say it every time someone enthusiastically posts in this thread,
and of course they can try it out - but as Andy Townsend said, I'd
suggest a serious trial first, and *then* attempts at standardisation,
instead of the other way round.


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