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Thu Nov 8 17:23:02 UTC 2018

On Thu, Nov 8, 2018 at 5:07 PM Leif Rasmussen <354lbr at gmail.com> wrote:

> Integrating GTFS seems like a much better idea than adding actual
> schedules to OpenStreetMap.  I had not considered this previously because I
> did not understand how GTFS is used worldwide.  Perhaps it would be
> possible to start something like a new gtfs.openstreetmap.org (which
> would be similar to transit.land and transitfeeds.com, but with a focus
> of OpenStreetMap integration) for hosting GTFS feeds that could be
> integrated into OSM.  That would allow for much easier integration and
> maintenance.

Easier still would be to use existing feeds.  The only copyright issue
involved iswhether or not those
feeds permit "deep linking" and I think most do.

Copying what Google has done successfully seems like a better option than
> creating a big, out of date mess.

Google has put a lot of thought into it.  It's possible, of course, that
the current GTFS now evolved from
more primitive beginnings and has a few things that might be bettter if
starting from scratch.
Nevertheless, it seems like a workable system and, more importantly, it's
already in use and some
organizations use it to make their route information public.  I don't think
that wheel needs to be

I think that creating a new GTFS server would be better than using transit
> land or transitfeeds.com, because OSM would have full control over what
> happened to the servers and which licencing was used.

I think that anything other than full mirroring, in the same way the OSM
database is mirrored by other
tile providers, would be a mistake.  And even full mirroring would be
unnecessary for this usage.  I
see an OSM GTFS server, if it comes into existence, as a way for mappers to
create GTFS feeds
for routes that don't currently have them.  And, if we're able to use
something like transitland or
transitfeeds for that purpose, we don't even need an OSM server (unless we
don't trust their data
or trust them to stay in existence, for some reason).

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