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On Thu, Nov 8, 2018 at 9:27 PM Andy Townsend <ajt1047 at gmail.com> wrote:

> FWIW I've just used https://www.traveline.info/ to find journey between
> Porthmadog and Criccieth and Bearsden and Milton of Campsie (yes!  There
> are ones at this time of night!) so the main site does  indeed work in
> Wales and Scotland.

Yes, it works.  But it doesn't have an option to use Cymraeg.  Which would
be a show-stopper
for some people in Wales, who would rather use a site that is completely
broken if it is in
Welsh rather than a site that works but is only available in English.

Also, the .cymru site has something the .info site does not, route maps.
I just pulled up a local
route and looked at its map.  Admittedly it is a very weird and complicated
route (reminiscent of
a spider web on drugs), but this route map gets it wrong in many, many ways:

Kinda reminds me of a Google bus route I looked at several years ago which
apparently drew straight
lines (through houses and across fields) between timetabled stops rather
than following a road between
them.  Told me to get to a location on the actual bus route by getting off
a mile beyond and walking
back because it had joined the stops with straight lines through fields.
It was only by playing around
that I got it to show the route it was using, which at one point ploughed
through the middle of a small
housing estate and took a straight line across farmland to the next
timetabled stop.

> Other than Traveline, plenty of other OSMers* have worked in the transport
> / route planning area - both "startups" and more traditional transport
> authorities.  I know of others have looked at consuming GTFS for bus routes
> in England, and found that it can be a bit complicated as the same numbered
> route can exist multiple times in the GTFS feed with only minor differences
> for the variations - it's not just a simple case of "grab all that data
> from there and use it" unless you're prepared to do quite a bit of
> processing.  You really need to be an app to do anything useful with the
> data (such as https://oeffi.schildbach.de/index.html - which works
> everywhere in GB that I've tried it and presumably uses Traveline's feeds,
> or something similar) - anything else would just be "reinventing GTFS".

So what's the copyright situation with Traveline's GTFS feeds?  Are we free
to use any of them to add
routes to OSM?  Obviously, they'd have to be sanity-checked...

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