[Tagging] رد: رد: New rag to draw node name with rotate angle

دار الآثار للنشر والتوزيع-صنعاء Dar Alathar-Yemen hubaishan at outlook.com
Sat Nov 10 13:52:44 UTC 2018

For OpenStreetMap rendrer:
Somalia, Madagasikara,Yemen اليمن, Oman عمان will be best if they have a rotate angle
India does not appear, Kynia has a chance to appear if Somalia has rotate angle also Ghana have chance to appear if down vertically

In MAPS.ME android
Seas: Red sea, Persian Gulf and many other seas will be view better with rotate angle

In All map renderers name of Sweden and Norway can be in middle if it have a rotate angle

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الموضوع: Re: [Tagging] رد: New rag to draw node name with rotate angle

Can you show an example of where it’s not appearing properly ?

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