[Tagging] Neighborhood Gateway Signs?

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>> Here in Indonesia it is very common for neighbors to build sign over
>> the main entrance to their neighborhood, with the name of the
>> neighborhood on top and some other info on the two columns supporting
>> the sign.
> For all the examples you give, they're not very useful as signs in terms
> of giving directions, and they have a more ceremonial role. I wonder if
> what we're dealing with isn't a public sculpture.

 I can only speak of Tulsa and Portland examples as those are the two
metros where I've seen these most prolifically, though if you look on the
back of many stop signs or the left side of the street after an
intersection at the edge of a district (neighborhood), there will be a
round sign (probably using a blank W10-1) with the district's logo.  These
signs line the perimeter of the district, making it possible to form the
administrative boundary of the district.
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