[Tagging] Using multipolygons to map bays in Alaska

Paul Allen pla16021 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 21:49:31 UTC 2018

On Sat, Nov 17, 2018 at 9:30 PM Kevin Kenny <kevin.b.kenny at gmail.com> wrote:

> It is sounding as if Frederik and Christoph are willing to tolerate
> limited experiments as long as we mostly don't damage the coastline,

Life would be so much easier if we had a sandbox.

> and keep our areas small enough not to break the toolchain.

I was contemplating generalizing Cardigan Bay.  Maybe a few dozen nodes.
But now you've made me
worry that it's not just the node count I should be concerned about but
also the size of the area
enclosed.  Like I said, if only we had a sandbox...

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