[Tagging] Feature Proposal - Voting - (Tramtrack_on_highway)

Rainer r.elbing at gmx.de
Tue Nov 20 21:02:01 UTC 2018

Sorry that I enter the discussion late.
First, is my understanding correct that you want to add a tag on a 
highway that has embedded tram rails? So e.g. a bicycle router might 
avoid such highways?
Generally a good idea, I think. However to use railway=separately_mapped 
is not so good in my opinion, because then the way has highway=* and 
railway=*. What should a renderer do, render a highway or render a railway?
As the rails in the highway are a feature that describes the shape of 
the highway similar to surface=*, I would rather use a new tag
embedded_rails=yes or even more precise
embedded_rails=tram | embedded_rails=railway.
The latter is even worse for bicycles, because the rail grooves are broader.

Best regards,

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