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On 25/11/18 09:42, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
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>> I don't think OSM should be in the business of writing its own 
>> dictionary and defining terms independently of the rest of society.  
>> That's a slippery slope.
> it is not exactly the same as a dictionary, but similar, in osm there 
> are key value combinations, in language there is context, or sometimes 
> also ambiguity.
>> If a bank is a bank, it's a bank.  If it is part of the banking 
>> system and is regulated as a bank, it's a bank. If we want to 
>> differentiate retail banks offering services to consumers from other 
>> types of banks with an additional tag, that's great--but that doesn't 
>> mean banks that offer different types of services are not banks 
>> because the OSM wiki says so
> The tag amenity=bank is not for all banks, it is only for the subset 
> of retail banks. If the tag doesn’t apply it does not mean that the 
> object is not a bank. We are not making up a tagging system for banks 
> (at least not yet ;-)), there is already one, and in this (simple) 
> system the amenity=bank tag is only for banks offering retail 
> services. You could see it as an additional tag to another (currently 
> implicit) tag for all kind of banks.

Maybe the key 'amenity' is the thing that is missing in the 
understanding of amenity=bank ... the key 'amenity' says it is a useful 
and important facility for visitors and residents i.e. common people.
The context of the two means central banks do not fit.
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