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Good work with getting this proposal resurrected, Alan

2 comments thanks, one of which is *very* nit-picky!

This proposal is for mapping the official reservation boundaries of
> recognized aboriginal / indigenous / native peoples. These areas go by a
> variety of names in different countries, such as Indigenous Protected Areas
> in Australia,

In Australia, there are two indigenous peoples - the *A*boriginal (not
people & the Torres Straight Islanders. This page
goes into quite a bit of detail, but the prime bit is:

A note on terminology

The 'A' in 'Aboriginal' is capitalised similar to other designations like
'Australian', 'Arabic' or 'Nordic'. The word 'aboriginal with a lowercase
'a' refers to an indigenous person from any part of the world. As such, it
does not necessarily refer to the Aboriginal people of Australia.

'Aboriginal people' is a collective name for the original people of
Australia and their descendants, and does not emphasise the diversity of
languages, cultural practices and spiritual beliefs. This diversity is
acknowledged by adding an 's' to 'people' ('Aboriginal peoples').
'Aboriginal people' can also be used to refer to more than one Aboriginal

The 'I' in 'Indigenous' is capitalised when referring specifically to
Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The lower case
'i' for 'indigenous' is only used when referring to people originating in
more than one region or country such as the Pacific region, Asiatic region,
Canada or New Zealand"

As I said, very nit-picky, but do you need to make reference to A / a & I /
i ?

>         • These regions are mutually recognized between the aboriginal
> peoples and the occupying/colonizing government,

I'm not sure about the term "occupying / colonising government", as to me,
it comes across as having happened last week! Federal / State Government


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