[Tagging] Greengrocer vs grocery vs shop=food?

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Mon Oct 8 22:26:27 UTC 2018

W dniu 08.10.2018 o 23:00, Martin Koppenhoefer pisze:

> +1 to a dedicated tag, e.g. deli=pierogi
> Maybe you’d want to distinguish deli from ordinary pierogi though.
> What about shop=food food=pierogi for the „usual“ pierogi shop?

I have tagged similar shops. They sell typical Polish cuisine, so no
deli at all (it might be a Polish shop in the USA). And there are not
only dumplings (pierogi), but also other things like pancakes etc. So
for me it's just shop=food + cuisine=local/polish.

> I think it could eventually make sense to have a more generic shop=food tag for special food shops, which can then get the subtags that are needed for the local context. I just don’t think it should be used for generic food shops, as there is already a wide variety of tags in use that better describe the shop (convenience, supermarket, greengrocer, etc.). Maybe it should get a different name, because „food“ will be interpreted in all kinds of ways, including cooked meals.

I'm all for having generic tags, because you don't always know the
details, so blind tagging might be damaging data. I think the wiki
definition should go like:

shop=food is for a shop selling food other than any of more specific type:
- shop=convenience - ...
- shop=greengrocer - only vegetables and fruits
- ...

This way we could have both general tag and specific tags properly
presented to the mappers.

I'm not familiar with English types of shops, I have to check what
grocery or convenience is to be sure. Simple term like shop=food is like
building=yes (I'm sure it's a building, but I don't know exact type). It
would be also good to have amenity=food (~100 uses now) when I'm not
sure what kind of eating place it is (just passing by and collecting
POIs), to not force people to guessing tags, which looks solid, but is
spoiling database.

"Excuse me, I have some growing up to do" [P. Gabriel]

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