[Tagging] Greengrocer vs grocery vs shop=food?

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Am Di., 9. Okt. 2018 um 00:52 Uhr schrieb Joseph Eisenberg <
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> In the USA there are shops that sell custom fresh pizzas, but they are
> uncooked. You take the prepared pizza home and cook it yourself. In the
> western USA, the chain is named “Papa Murphy’s Take And Bake Pizza”
> These have generally been tagged as restaurants or fastfood. In this case
> takeaway=only would be a great tag.
> I think it's reasonable to consider these in the category of "places that
> sell prepared food" eg restaurant/fast_food, because you often need to
> reheat take-away items.
> I would not think of these places as equivalent to a grocery or
> greengrocer.

While they are not similar to a grocery store, they clearly aren't similar
to a fast food or restaurant either, because you cannot go there and eat
something. If you compare them to a butcher, they are somehow similar
(butchers tend to sell prepared food which needs cooking at home for
completion, at least in Germany). The fact that they prepare the pizza
according to your wishes and fresh is a clear distinction compared to shops
that sell only frozen food. I would suggest a proper category for these
take and bake shops, maybe shop=take_and_bake? Or they would be a candidate
for the food=take_and_bake shop for specialist food shops that aren't delis
(would this be also applicable to ethnic food shops = food shops that sell
food which is typical "somewhere else", e.g. chinese convenience stores
outside china, or would a subtag for shop=convenience work better?).

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