[Tagging] highway=crossing used on ways

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Fri Oct 12 08:19:32 UTC 2018

On 12.10.2018 09:25, Gerd Petermann wrote:
> In November 2015 I fix nearly all such ways, since then the number increased again to 488. I don't know about iD, but JOSM prints a warning
> when you use this tagging, still many edits were made with JOSM. I wonder if that means that we should accept highway=crossing as a shortcut for highway=footway + footway=crossing?

The highway=crossing tag has been used 2787469 times, according to
Taginfo. So these 488 occurrences on ways don't even represent a tenth
of a percent of the tag's total uses. I don't think this is a strong
reason to change the tag's definition.

Having some amount of "noise" in the data is one of the downsides we
accept with our open tagging model, and in my experience, you will find
a similar amount of non-standard uses, misspellings and other errors for
most tags. However, it's still beneficial to clean up every now and
then, so thank you for your past efforts to fix the errors in the
database and improve the documentation! And it's encouraging to hear
that JOSM validator catches this kind of problem, I hope other editors
will also eventually add more error-checking tools.

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