[Tagging] Highway=track and piste:type=nordic, are we doing it right ?

yves yvecai at mailbox.org
Sat Oct 13 07:28:03 UTC 2018

I'd like it to be a genuine question and not attract judgements for a 
particular editor.

For a long time, contributors map crosscountry skiing by adding 
piste:nordic to existing highway=tracks when they follow them. That's 
about 66% of the 68'000km of crosscountry ski trails mapped or 51165 ways.

I tried to add preset in iD editor [1] to make it easier for the 
contributors to find the right tags for ski pistes. However, iD presets 
are exclusives, thus if you select a highway=track and then use the 
'piste' preset, the highway tag is removed by the editor.

This behaviour is consistent with the good practice 'One feature, one 
OSM element' [2], and I can hear the argument that separate geometries 
are easier to map.After all I'd really like to attract more skiers into 
contributing. But this is different than the mapping habits.

I'd like to hear more opinions about this, I guess the ski pistes are 
not the only niche tags for which this question arises.

Here are the alternatives :

    1) map ski pistes as separate geometries, even if they follow an 
existing track

    2) change iD behaviour, why not in a forked version.

    3) accept that iD presets are not suited for this kind of mapping. 
Not my preferred one, it's a great tool.


[2] Are preset tags exclusives?


[1] One_feature,_one_OSM_element


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