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Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 09:59:10 UTC 2018

I think that there first need to be clear definitions of what are:

  * public administration
  * executive
  * Legislature
  * Judiciary (courts)

and where things fit...

police (national, state, municipal)

military - excluded?

libraries (national, state, municipal)

schools - excluded?

tax office

vehicle licence office

post office - excluded?

and so on...

Do these all need to be combined? That does suit places where they are 
physically combined ... and if people then want to further identify them 
then sub tags could be used.

As for the word to use... that will come, after the definitions?

On 14/10/18 13:00, Joseph Eisenberg wrote:
> Thanks for working on this proposal, Markus. I agree that it would be 
> useful to have an approved type of land use for the administrative 
> offices of governments.
> However, I'm not sure that "governmental" is the best value for the 
> landuse key. I think there would be a risk of mappers finding this tag 
> in the editors and using it for all governnment-owned land, not just 
> for administrative offices. In North America, and in many developing 
> countries, the national or local government owns large areas of land, 
> including rangeland, forests, transportation facilities, and military 
> areas, in addition to land uses for government offices.
> In North America, it is somewhat common to talk about "government 
> land" or more specifically, "Federal land," "State land", and 
> "Municipal land". But the only uses of "governmental land use" I've 
> found are in phrases talking about "governmental land use policy", 
> "governmental land use regulations", and "governmental land use 
> decision making". In these cases, the phrase is talking about 
> governments regulating all types of land use, including commercial, 
> retail, residential and industrial.
> For these reasons, I believe the current tag "landuse=civic_admin" or 
> "landuse=public_administration" are a little better. They are not 
> perfect, because "civic" isn't precisely correct for land used for 
> national or provincial government offices, but they are less 
> ambiguous. If this proposal is going to use a new tag, it should 
> include something about the administrative nature of the land, so that 
> mappers are less likely to use the tag incorrectly for other types of 
> government-owned land.
> Also, in the proposal, it is stated that this tag will not be used for 
> "Public service facilities"
> What is the definition of a "public service facility" as opposed to 
> "public administration offices?"
> For example, would the Department of Motor Vehicles be considered a 
> public service, or an administrative office?
> What about the administrative headquarters of the Public Health 
> Department?
> These offices combine some administrative features and some public 
> service features.
> Thanks! I hope this proposal will be approved once it is improved - Joseph
> On Sun, Oct 14, 2018 at 7:26 AM SelfishSeahorse 
> <selfishseahorse at gmail.com <mailto:selfishseahorse at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hello everyone!
>     I am proposing a new tag, landuse=governmental, for marking land that
>     is used for governing:
>     https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/landuse%3Dgovernmental
>     Regards
>     Markus

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