[Tagging] historic=memorial tagging question

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> Subject: Re: [Tagging] historic=memorial tagging question
> Thanks, but marker only has seven uses - stele has about 5000.
> Also- Marker, to me, would be something you would find in the ground with a number or a pole with a number on it, or something based around a ref number or value of some sort (like a mile marker).
> In the US, a "historical landmark" or "marker" is usually a plaque embedded in a pedestal or stone, so it is memorial=plaque, with about 10,000 uses.
> ^___^
> Javbw
True, but I was reluctant to use "stele" because, according to 
Wikipedia, the word usually refers to ancient objects of archaeological 
interest.  And I doubt if many people in the US are familiar with that word.

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