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In reviewing the Wiki for instructions on understanding and debugging
relations, I came across this tantalizing snippet (

"JOSM allows you to sort members, and this is recommended for some types of
relations. e.g. route relations, multipolygons, .... Sorting the members
allows you to ensure the members are connected, and to locate any
unconnected ways. To sort the members click the A-Z button in the relation

Great. But what are you actually doing when you "sort the members" of a
relation? And after sorting, how does one "ensure the members are

I've noted with dismay the lack of debugging support for relations. For
example, I will get an error message when trying to upload an edited
relation but when I ask JOSM to Zoom to the error, the display zooms out
enough to include the entire relation with no clue as the where the actual
problem is. Same thing when you ask to "jump to the next gap". Good luck on
that also. Maybe it's just me?

Understanding the relation editor is a tough chore. But IMO, a debugging
guide would be top priority on my list. Kevin, you have a concise writing
style that would probably go a long way in helping elucidate this issue. I
fully understand about time constraints (so much to do, so little time) but
maybe someday ...


PS: As for the "leaves down" argument, my goal is to get named geographic
features mapped so the OSM map of Alaska is more complete. I can't afford
to be overly concerned about getting the shoreline of a pond or lake
perfect. For one thing, it's simply not possible to trace an exact
shoreline. The closer you zoom in, the more details there are (fractal
geometry comes into play here) and the more nodes you'll need, ad
infinitum. Add to that the sheer size of Alaska with its 3,000,000 ponds
and lakes and one can get an idea of the enormity of the task. It's simply
not practical to be concerned with minutiae like tree lined shores.

On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 6:50 AM Kevin Kenny <kevin.b.kenny at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Sun, Oct 21, 2018 at 7:19 PM Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I used the OSM diary entry to do Public Transport. Might work for you .
>> People can make comments under it .. and you can edit the first entry you
>> made to correct errors and make changes.
>> See https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Warin61/diary/45106
>> Videos are like lessons... you need to be very well prepared to present
>> them. Written stuff you can do fairly easily and review later. A
>> presentation (video/lesson) should be correct the first time around. For
>> preference .. I'd write it .. much less stress.
> Well, of course. I've spent enough hours standing in front of a classroom
> to understand that. For me, a video script is a lot harder to write and
> present than a lesson plan or a conference talk. In front of a classroom, I
> can see whether the students are getting it, and change the pacing
> accordingly. I can't do that with a camera.
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