[Tagging] Upcoming removal of power=station and power=sub_station in the standard style

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Mon Oct 22 12:28:40 UTC 2018

W dniu 22.10.2018 o 13:07, Volker Schmidt pisze:
> Regarding sub_station, there seems to have been  a  revert three month
> ago of the results of a maproulette task

Thanks for the info - I have asked who complained, so we could talk.

I also asked the author of the wiki warning against mechanical edits and
I wait for his reaction:


> this claimed to be a maproulette edit but nobody can edit 12,000
> objects with the required diligence in such a short time

It was perfectly possible to remove 300k uses of landuse=farm in about 2


so I guess this is also possible. Removing a "_" sign from the name
should be even easier and less error prone, because you don't even have
to choose (farmyard or farmland). Let's see!... :-)

"Excuse me, I have some growing up to do" [P. Gabriel]

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