[Tagging] Upcoming removal of power=station and power=sub_station in the standard style

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 22:28:10 UTC 2018

On 23/10/18 07:53, marc marc wrote:
> Le 22. 10. 18 à 14:01, Dave Swarthout a écrit :
>> Well, there you go. Mass edits are frowned upon even if the potential
>> for making a mistake is low. Is it worse to have a few power=sub_station
>> objects that should really be power=plant instead of an enormous number
>> of objects with deprecated tags?
> Well, ppl create a new value power=substation to get rid
> of the multi-meaning (like we have with power=minor_line)
> between a generator, a plant and a substation.
> Trying to move the trash (the "few" remaining objects)
> in one of those 3 new/clean values look strange, isn't it ?
> I have checked/fixed a few power=sub_station with generator:* plant:*
> 142 power=station or sub_station + substation=* remain
> and are easy to fix.
>> On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 6:09 PM Volker Schmidt wrote:
>>              "revert mechanical edit
> the main issue is that a mecanical edit need :
> - talk
> - a wiki page
> - widely accepted and make an exception for edits for a few dissenters
> with their edits or area... that's hard to do at the global level
> and it look like that the reverted mecanical edit folling none of this.
> I participated in the cleaning in France, Switzerland, Belgium.
> In some countries there are only a few ambiguous objects that
> the local community can quickly fix if they wanted to.
> For other countries, it may be necessary to discuss an operation
> at the country level. But that need a few mappers willing to relay it
> the main issue look like to be in Germany ~6k sub_station and UK ~4k

What would motivate people is if the renders stop rendering the old tags.
Similar to the old multipolygons .. as soon as that stooped people got going fixing them.

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