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Hi Lionel,

Thank you for this clarification
I agree on classification, let's talk about tagging

Le ven. 26 oct. 2018 à 11:30, Lionel Giard <lionel.giard at gmail.com> a
écrit :

> And as a sub-type (indicating type of construction) : we got the "lattice
> pylon", "tubular pylon", "lattice mast", "tubular mast" or just "tubes"
> (for antennas isolated). So it would correspond to the t
> *ower:construction=guyed_lattice* or *guyed_tube* (for mast) and* lattice*
> or *freestanding *(for the tower). Note that the older concrete telecom
> tower is noted as "tubular pylon".
> => And thus, the only change i would make is to the sub-tag
> *tower:construction* : using "*lattice*" or "*tube*" for the
> "freestanding" towers (the freestanding value is more general but give not
> much information as if it is not guyed, i think it is always freestanding).
> So at the end, the engineering definition is clearly indicated via this
> tag.

structure={lattice,guyed, tube...} would be better than tower:construction.
15k uses vs 150k.
Lattice is the structure and have nothing to do with actual construction.
This tag should be avoided.

> Thus, as i see it, the *tower *tag is the equivalent of pylon (as in the
> power=* tag where the power=tower is the equivalent of what we call
> "electricity pylon" here) and the *mast *are either the guy-wired
> structures OR the "largest" structures on the roof of buildings (which are
> clearly not an unique antenna). And then we need a tag for isolated *antenna
> *(i saw that a "telecom=antenna" was proposed on the telecom wiki page
> and i used it some times, but that's just a tag to indicate either on a
> node (on top of a building) or on another structure (like power=tower) that
> a telecom antenna is there. So to me, this covers everything i see in our
> database.

telecom=antenna would be a device, wile we are discussion of supports.
It's the same for power=transformers (a device) supported by a power=pole
(a support). Using power=* for both support and device cause small issues
because power=* is used for the support.

telecom=antenna may be used to tag individual antennas on large towers too.

All th best

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