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Le lun. 3 sept. 2018 à 02:59, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> a écrit :

> No it does not, "any tags you like' - documenting them simply helps people
> understand their use.

With all due respect, I disagree, unless any understanding mistake.
It's really hard to change, refine or even consistently aggregate tags once
they get widely used. Usage volume is the most raised argument against
further refinement.

Documentation is the least we can expect from a promoter (only
Usage isn't a guarantee of consistency, there is no matter of good vs bad

Then discussing a proposal prior a tag get used isn't just a bureaucracy
issue but a chance to make things way better together despite many think
it's irrelevant.
If not, we should stop arguing on how popular some keys may be to refine
them sometimes.

> Show me the proposals for shop, office, crop, produce ..
> New tags start out with little use.. but they should be documented ..
> and if they don't go through the proposal process than they  don't need a
> proposal page ..
> they just get put on the OSM wiki .. sink or swim. They get used over time
> .. or they fadeout.

We can't but I wish I could show you some proposals for such important keys.
Some de facto keys are pretty messy due to lack of semantic design.

To come back in the utilities topic, I'm really in favor of a proposal to
discuss on.

All the best
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