[Tagging] Draft Proposal: Default Langauge Format

Wolfgang Zenker wolfgang at lyxys.ka.sub.org
Thu Sep 27 16:02:56 UTC 2018


* Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com> [180927 13:10]:
> Re: do “the current
> proposals would mean that any POI (not referring to a government
> building) in Brussels needs to be retagged to name:XX or add
> default:language:XX (?)

> There are no mandatory tags in OSM, nothing needs to be retagged. But there
> would be the option to add
> default:language=fr to a shop in Flanders which has a name in French. This
> would help database users know that this shop name is in French rather than
> Flemish. I believe this will be very useful, and I think mappers will enjoy
> the chance to add the extra tags where necessary. Mapping is a bit
> addictive, right?
> [..]

this is one of the points where I have the impression that we are not
all talking about the same problem. For me a "default value" is a value
that is to be assumed if no specific value is available. So for me a
tag containing the word "default" would imply that it does NOT apply to
the object with that tag itself. If there is a default:language=XX tag
on an admin boundary, I would - by looking at the name of that key -
assume this is the language for things inside that admin boundary unless
these "things inside" specify a different language for themself. But I
would expext e.g. a POI within that area that uses a different language
to have a language=XX tag, not a default:language=XX tag.


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