[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Free drinking water by private entities

bkil bkil.hu+Aq at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 15:31:56 UTC 2018

I've separated the proposal for non-inclusive drink refilling from the
drinking water cases. Anticipating a discussion, I'm replying to part
of Tom's most recent insights in the new RFC here (unfortunately, I've
copied some extra parts there too that is relevant here instead):


> It does not need much language either, handing the bottle and
> and a friendly look are usually self-explanatory and sufficient.
> I would support tagging the free tap-water refilling campaign as it is apparently a litter-avoiding
> idea and presumably ground-verifiable

The owncup=* campaign sounds like an idea to combat waste as well.
However, if a shop is part of both owncup & water-refill campaigns at
the same time, handing over your bottle may result in unwanted
consequences like getting beer in it!

So you vote for the possibility that no extra tag/description should
be added along `drinking_water=yes` (instead of =ask/on_demand) to
indicate that staff is handing out water on request and not a vending

> (by some sticker or so at the door?).

It is definitely verifiable as all of these venues have staff that was
instructed by management to serve water to all, so asking any of them
should yield a unified answer. Some of the dozens of campaigns listed
have printable stickers, but note that they should all be different.

The best visibility for both venues and people should be via OSM
itself. However, if we do not highlight these via specific tags, this
visibility may be impaired. Renderers could be enhanced to highlight
various tag combinations, like drinking_water on bars, restaurants,
etc., though that is not ideal. Verification could also be made more
difficult, because if I see drinking_water=yes on a pub, I need to
first start looking for a vending machine/fountain/tap, if not found,
ask for an accessible vending machine/fountain/tap from staff, if they
don't know anything about those, then I ask whether they could
manually refill my container. This sounds a bit more awkward than

> As a side note, I am surprised it needs such a campaign. I was never refused a filling of my water
> bottle, in various countries. Not in a pub while hiking, nor in an airport cafe (behind security
> where carrying water is not allowed).
> tom

Although nobody would deny you a glass of water on a hot summer day if
you were dangerously dehydrated, not every restaurant would like to
degrade their atmosphere to a pass-through house by lines of
freeloaders if they are situated at a busy location. Those who
volunteer to join such a campaign anticipate this traffic and educate
their staff to welcome all passer-by as a matter of business.

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