[Tagging] What does recycling:waste=yes/no mean?

bkil bkil.hu+Aq at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 18:16:10 UTC 2019

"General waste container (black bags) (don't use this if the waste is
not recycled, use a tag like amenity=waste_disposal or
amenity=waste_basket instead)"

Namespacing put aside, could you please help me understand the
semantics of this value? Waste in this context should me something
other than the dozens of listed other categories.

What I think they had in mind was a "mixed" compartment that will get
manually selected later on at a recycling centre. However, it is a
misnomer in this case, so the term "mixed" or "post_selected" would be
much better for this meaning.

And I see that there is demand to map those recycling containers that
have a non-recycling bin built into it as well, I see that around here
often too. There's the well established bin=yes, although if we read
it out of context, "bin" on a container could have vague meanings,
though this might be nitpicking.

Hence a term like "waste" or "waste_basket" would serve a better
purpose if we do have an option to decide this. If not, we must
highlight on the wiki page that mappers should use bin=* together with
recycling=* and that recycling:waste=* (and recycling=*waste*) should
be deprecated to avoid confusion, proposing a new value for
post-selected compartments.

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