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As an example of a locality that has never had a population


/The Wheel/ (a car wheel - no tyre) was originally mounted on a tree by 
bushwalkers to mark the hub of the Blue Labyrinth's ridges.

No one has ever lived there. Plenty of people go past, and it still a 
navigational feature.

Fairly certain other localities have their stories to tell too.

n 15/04/19 17:23, Warin wrote:
> From the original start of place=locality
> /All current place tags are for either populated areas, or for larger 
> areas of County sized or bigger. The place=locality tag is useful for 
> places that have a specific name, but do not necessarily have any 
> geographic feature or population centre that could be used to attach a 
> name tag to. /
> That to me suggest that places that locality can be a place that had 
> population, or places that did not have a population.
> But, I agree, that places that had a population would be better tagged 
> disused:/abandonded: place=hamlet/town/village/city
> I think that can go on the wiki for locality... under 'when not to 
> use' with the others there.
> /
> /
> On 15/04/19 17:03, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
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>> On 15. Apr 2019, at 03:55, Joseph Eisenberg 
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>>> The most important value would be one for a locality that is a former
>>> populated place but no longer has a population.
>> I’ve always understood the population part of the locality tag 
>> definition as a way of saying the place name does not relate to a 
>> settlement or dwelling (but it doesn’t necessarily mean nobody is 
>> living around there, it means this name is not for an inhabited 
>> place). A generic tag for a place name/ toponym, to be used where no 
>> specific tag has yet been developed.
>> (e.g. we have specific tags for toponyms that refer to mountain 
>> peaks, wetlands, lakes, islands, deserts, caves, settlements, etc. so 
>> we don’t use locality for them)
>> I’m not sure I’d support locality subtags, for lots of things a main 
>> tag might be more fitting with the established tagging system, but it 
>> depends on the actually proposed values.
>> For ghost towns (settlements) I’ve found a lot tagged as
>> abandoned:place=hamlet/village/town
>> https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/abandoned:place#values
>> which seems inline with the rest of our tagging and is by far more 
>> frequent than any “ghost” variations.
>> Cheers, Martin
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