[Tagging] Walking Routes, how to tag alternatives/additions/shortcuts/approach tracks etc.

Sarah Hoffmann lonvia at denofr.de
Tue Apr 23 07:46:00 UTC 2019


On Mon, Apr 22, 2019 at 11:47:35PM +0200, Peter Elderson wrote:
> Long walking routes often have a main route and several additions of
> various types. If these additions are not waymarked, they are not recorded
> in OSM. Easy.
> But often, they are. On maps these are usually shown as a striped line,
> while the main route is usually a continuous line.

That´s actually quite similar to the problem of sections and superroutes
we had previously. They are basically sections that serve a special purpose.

> I would like to enable OSMrenderers and data users to render/process the
> additions/alternatives differently than the main route.
> One solution just for rendering would be to optionally add "striped" to the
> colour tag. Or dotted.

Please don't tag what you want to see rendered. Tag the function
and then let the renderer decide how to show it.

> A more general solution would be something like alternative=yes,
> additional=yes, approach=yes. A tag that covers all the variants, I can't
> think of a suitable word.
> the other way around: main_route=no?

At the moment it is mostly done via the role. This has the advantage that
you don't need to create extra relations for short sections. Simply add
a role 'excursion' to a single way leading to that viewpoint that belongs
to the route and that's it. If the alternative is longer then it is still
possible to create an extra relation and add this with the appropriate role.

For subrelations, I'd still like to see them tagged with their function
as well, so that it is obvious that it is not a main route (and makes it
easier to render routes differently. Preferably use one tag for all of them,
e.g. route_segment=part/alternative/scenic.

That leaves the actual functions. For hiking routes there is:

alternative (1179 times)
main (945)
excursion (452)
alternate (420)
link (369)
part (310)
alternate_route (197)
access (196)
detour (150)

and a couple of others with even less use. That obviously needs some
sorting out.


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