[Tagging] free_standing_emergency_department, amenity or clinic ?

Nita Rae Sanders cosmicrae at gmail.com
Tue Apr 30 10:39:48 UTC 2019

On 4/30/19, Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com> wrote:
>While I'm in the healthcare field, I hadn't heard of these satellite
>EDs (Emergency Departments) before.

>Are these free-standing ED's more like Urgent Care clinics, or do they
>have the full services that you would get at a normal hospital ED: 24
>hour Emergency Medicine specialist physicians on-site, specialized ED
>nurses, a complete radiology facility (CT Scan or MRI, Ultrasound and
>X-rays), 24-hour complete laboratory services, and access to
>consultations with specialists like General Surgeons and Psychiatrists
>to help decide if a patient needs to be admitted, etc?

>If they lack these features, especially the 24 hr ED specialists and
>24hr radiology and laboratory services, they might just be a new way
>to advertise a big Urgent Care clinic.

>But if they are basically the same as an ED at a hospital, without the
>inpatient and surgery services, then I could see creating an entirely
>new tag, since amenity=hospital implies inpatient services and an
>amenity=clinic does not usually provide full 24hr emergency medical

>From my reading, the following are true:

1. They must be associated with, and staffed from, a major hospital.

2. The license to operate is associated with a major hospital

3. Transport must be available to move patients, one stabilized, to
the major hospital.

The Florida state agency that licenses these off-site EDs has this page …

scroll down to 'Off-site Emergency Departments'

I do not believe these are the same as Urgent Care facilities, as they
are extensions of a major hospital, providing all but higher level
trauma services. For those instances, they probably send the helo and
transport directly to the major hospital. Shands has two help landing
pads in Gainesville, one on the roof of a new facility.

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