[Tagging] Was public_transport=platform intended to > always be combined with highway=bus_stop?

Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Thu Aug 1 17:52:11 UTC 2019

On Wed, 2019-07-31 at 18:48 +0200, Markus wrote:
> On Wed, 31 Jul 2019 at 15:08, Peter Neale via Tagging
> <tagging at openstreetmap.org> wrote:
> > Within the station there will normally be several platforms, which
> > may be named "Platform 1", "Platform 2"... ...or "Platform A",
> > "Platform B" etc.  These could / should be mapped and given an name
> > tag.
> Common practice is to use ref=*, not name=*, because it's the number
> or letter of the platform, not its name. (This also has the advantage
> that e.g. routers can translate it into other languages.)
> > Whilst trains for particular destinations may NORMALLY use a
> > certain platform, that can vary, depending on breakdowns, delays,
> > scheduling issues, etc. so the Platforms should not be tagged with
> > further information about the trains / route(s) using them.
> I disagree. If the train normally uses the same platform, except in
> some rare moments, i think it helps to know from which platform it
> departs. Note that bus stops sometimes can also be displaced or even
> omitted because of roadworks, breakdowns, delays etc.
You can make that statement for a relatively simple station, where
there are two platforms and all northbound trains stop at Platform 1
and all southbound trains stop at Platform 2. Major stations are much
more complex.

It is probably true that for a particular train, at a particular time,
will normally use the same platform you cannot assume that all trains
to a particular destination will always use the same platform. 

Trains to a destination can have arrived form different directions, and
the platform will depend on that and what other trains are there at the
same time.

As a regular rail user I am very aware that you cannot assume which
platform and you always need to check the displays, or maybe use an
app. An app is useful to find out which platform you are going into if
you need a quick escape so can be standing by the door on the correct

Go to Euston for example, go at any time, and you will see vast numbers
of people watching the boards, waiting for the platform to be

Phil (trigpoint)

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