[Tagging] Was public_transport=platform intended to always be combined with highway=bus_stop?

Jo winfixit at gmail.com
Sun Aug 4 12:21:35 UTC 2019

> highway=platform and/or railway=platform are needed, because
>> public_transport=platform doesn't mean a platform, but a waiting area.
>> And a waiting areas doesn't need to be a platform: some waiting areas
>> are just poles or signs beside the road [1], others are located on the
>> sidewalk [2]. Besides, there are platforms that aren't operated
>> (anymore) and therefore aren't waiting areas, that is
>> public_transport=platform's, anymore.
> Well this is an error. For mi public_transport=platform should be a real
> platform. It has no sense to have an irreal tag.
> In the stop_position tag you can assure this with platform=yes or
> platform=no.

When the "new" public_transport tag came along, I asked how should I tag
the nodes beside the street that represent the bus stops? Regardless of
whether a platform is present. And the answer was to use
public_transport=platform. So no, this is not an error.

For more than half a decade I have been trying to convince the people
responsible for the rendering of the main map to render nodes with
public_transport=platform + bus=yes like highway=bus_stop.

It became clear by now that this will NEVER happen.

Thus public_transport=platform / bus=yes to replace highway=bus_stop became
unnecessary. I think I'm going to remove those 2 tags everywhere in
Belgium, when I review those 70000 bus stops, this time with help of
Mapillary images for the positioning. They became pointless.

But until now, I was using them. I was also using highway=platform to
indicate the real bus platforms and railway=platform for the tram stops.
Either in combination with public_transport=platform, or not. What I was
not doing is duplicating information on these platform ways, or on the
occasional stop_position node I was adding. And they also don't go into the
route relations.

1 object per stop in the route relations should be enough. I'm using the
nodes that represent the bus stops / passenger waiting areas next to the
highways for the purpose of representing the stops along the itineraries.
Works great! And isn't overly complicated or needing a lot of unnecessary

We need the simplest way of doing things that works.

When Uber starts flying, we'll tackle that problem then. No need for a
future proof public_transport scheme for that purpose.

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