[Tagging] Fruit stands and shops selling fresh fruits?

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> except
> for the problem that vending=* doesn't really mean that in OSM but is used in
> conjunction with vending machines.

vending means exactly this in OpenStreetMap: what a thing sells. It is mainly used with vending machines to say what they sell, but it could be used for other features as well. 

In this case  of a shop selling fruit I would also have thought of greengrocer, although shop=fruit for fruit only shops seems suitable as well (despite the low usage). Against the greengrocer tag stands that it requires vegetables to be sold as well as fruits.

At least this seems to fit the osm definition, in natural language a shop might require a building? These would be called booth or stand?
Our wiki says for shop: “A place selling retail products or services.” and in the building related paragraph: “Most shops are located within a building” (which suggests some are not), so a building may not be a strict requirement?



(the information is split across 2 pages for the shop key), as well meaning as this may be intended, I would prefer to reduce this back to a single page.

There are also ~350 shop=street_vendor which would theoretically fit for your situation, although I would not use the tag (too generic to be useful (e.g. does it sell bags, fruit or cellphone covers?), suffering from the same semantic contradiction that a shop requires normally a building, and the part of the definition saying it can be in a covered market hall also seems strange, as this isn’t a street vendor).

> Oh, and we should really have used product=* rather than produce=* to resolve
> that ambiguity, but we didn't.  Mainly, I suspect, because in English "produce" refers
> to things that are grown and "product" refers to things that are made/extracted.

we do use “produce” for agricultural produce and “product” in conjunction with man made works and similar.

Cheers Martin 
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