[Tagging] Merging tagging scheme on wiki pages of Hiking, route=hiking, route=foot and Walking routes

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Wed Aug 14 12:21:27 UTC 2019

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> 1) Remove the wording "(optional)" in front of the explanation of some
> keys. What's the function of adding (optional) in front of tags that are in
> the Useful section of the table? Isn't every tag that is not in Required
> optional by default?

It helps newbies.  Newbies have to start somewhere, and adding a
walking/hiking route
might be the first thing somebody tries and doesn't read any other
documentation first.
At least consider a sentence under the heading "Useful" explaining that
those tags
are optional.  Not strictly needed, but I'm remembering my early days with
OSM and
trying to make sense of it without getting lost in a twisty maze of wiki
pages, all

To do
> 1) Explanation route=hiking / route=foot is merely a copy paste at the
> moment. Should be cleaned out and clarified

One distinction I saw (I have no idea where) is that it influences the type
of footwear needed.
Walking shoes (at a pinch, even ordinary shoes) are adequate for a walking
trail but a
hiking trail needs walking boots because you will encounter sharp rocks
and/or heavy
undergrowth and/or muddy terrain and/or have to wade through shallow

Yes, that definition seems to be putting the cart before the horse, but
follow it backwards.
If the map says it's a walking route you can get away with walking shoes or
ordinary shoes; if the map says it's a hiking route then you need hiking
boots.  And that
is the reason for the map making a distinction in the first place, so you
know what type
of equipment you need.

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