[Tagging] Merging tagging scheme on wiki pages of Hiking, route=hiking, route=foot and Walking routes

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Wed Aug 14 23:11:16 UTC 2019

On 14/08/19 22:21, Paul Allen wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Aug 2019 at 10:56, s8evq <s8evq at runbox.com 
> <mailto:s8evq at runbox.com>> wrote:
>     1) Remove the wording "(optional)" in front of the explanation of
>     some keys. What's the function of adding (optional) in front of
>     tags that are in the Useful section of the table? Isn't every tag
>     that is not in Required optional by default?
> It helps newbies.  Newbies have to start somewhere, and adding a 
> walking/hiking route
> might be the first thing somebody tries and doesn't read any other 
> documentation first.
> At least consider a sentence under the heading "Useful" explaining 
> that those tags
> are optional.  Not strictly needed, but I'm remembering my early days 
> with OSM and
> trying to make sense of it without getting lost in a twisty maze of 
> wiki pages, all
> different.
Yes, to the sentence at the top.
To me there are 3 things in the pecking order; required to make it work, 
recommended to add really usefull detail and usefull for adding stuff 
that matters little.

>     To do
>     1) Explanation route=hiking / route=foot is merely a copy paste at
>     the moment. Should be cleaned out and clarified
> One distinction I saw (I have no idea where) is that it influences the 
> type of footwear needed.
> Walking shoes (at a pinch, even ordinary shoes) are adequate for a 
> walking trail but a
> hiking trail needs walking boots because you will encounter sharp 
> rocks and/or heavy
> undergrowth and/or muddy terrain and/or have to wade through shallow 
> streams.

One hiking trail I know of the locals usually go bare foot, not only 
because of poverty but also terrain.
So the foot ware would be a guide, not a rule.
Are all foot routes paved?  I would think so.
Hiking route may have sections that are 'paved', mainly to prevent 
damage to the environment.

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