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>> why would you not do it for roundabouts?
> when we split a building in several parts, we keep one building=*
> and use several building:part
> for roundabouts, the tag is the same. for the whole roundabouts and for 
> part of it.
> So spliting one roundabout into many produce many junction=roundabouts, 
> despite it's only one roundabouts.

it depends on our interpretation of the tags. 

The wiki is not consistent, as the definition says the tag junction=roundabout is describing 
> “A road junction where the traffic goes around a non-traversable island and has right of way. “

Later on, in “how to map”, it is assumed that roundabouts can consist of several ways: “
Tag the OSM way(s) of the roundabout with junction=roundabout.”

There are some parallels to the bridge key page, where the definition currently reads:
> A bridge is an artificial construction that spans features such as roads, railways, waterways or valleys and carries a road, railway or other feature. 

This doesn’t mean that every way with bridge=yes is defining its own bridge (indeed the definition should rather be updated to something like: “a property to say something is on a bridge”). We’ll happily split a highway with bridge=yes for every property of the road that changes somewhere on the bridge, and we won’t interpret this as adding bridges to the map.

Similarly we could write that junction=roundabout is a property to say a way is part of a roundabout (although this would be ugly, because the tag naming suggests to be about a feature rather than a property).

We could also keep the definition and create route relations for the roundabouts (only the relation gets the junction tag), or invent a new property roundabout=yes for parts of roundabouts.

Cheers Martin 

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