[Tagging] Livestock=* to specify the livestock animals in a farmyard or meadow?

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Mon Aug 19 13:20:14 UTC 2019

1) Landuse=meadow has been used for pastures for a very long time, and
the wiki page and definition make it clear that this is fine.
Previously landuse=pasture was proposed, but rejected since it's quite
similar and in many places it can be hard to distinguish hay meadow
from grazing pasture during most of the year.

2) Ok, I agree that probably paddocks / pens / corrals which are bare
soil or another non-vegetated surface should be included in
landuse=farmyard. However, if an area used for horses is
grass-covered, I don't see how most mappers could distinguish it from
a pasture or meadow, so landuse=meadow would work.

On 8/19/19, Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 19 Aug 2019 at 11:21, Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>>  Landuse=meadow can be tagged with meadow=pasture or
>> =paddock, but again this does not specify the type of animal in the
>> pasture.
> There are two problems with that statement.
> 1) In normal usage, a pasture is not a category of meadow.  Pasture has
> animals
> grazing directly upon it.  Meadows are where the grass is mown for hay to
> later be fed
> to animals.  But this error in terminology is probably too embedded to fix.
> 2) According to the wiki, paddock is definitely not a category of meadow.
> See
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Riding  which explicitly states that a
> paddock is not a grazing area (but it also admits that in some parts of the
> world usage goes against that statement).   I haven't found anything in the
> wiki to
> suggest that meadow=paddock is documented.
> --
> Paul

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