[Tagging] Roles of route members (was: Merging tagging scheme on wiki pages of Hiking, ...)

Peter Elderson pelderson at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 10:18:45 UTC 2019

Richard Fairhurst <richard at systemed.net>:
> Kenny:

> > I do want editors minimally to observe the 'don't break the route'
> > principle. About 80% of the broken-route problem can be solved
> > simply by, "when splitting a way, both the pieces become members
> > of any route relations in which the original way appeared, with the
> > same role if one is specified, preferably preserving continuity if
> > either or both endpoints was shared with the neighbouring way
> > in the relation." At least iD, Meerkartor and JOSM all do that.
> As does P2, I believe (I didn't write that bit of code) - iD's code might
> actually be based on P2's. That does make me wonder how much of a problem
> this is in reality if the four major desktop editors already support it.

Web editors you mean?
 I do regular maintenance for about 50 national and regional named and
waymarked hiking routes and their variants,  This involves checking
integrity and ensuring that there is a linear main route which can simply
be extracted for further processing in route editors, apps, gps devices and
trip planner sites. When I have a route finished without any problems, then
return a month later, it invariably has several breaks and flaws which make
simple extraction as one ordered linear track impossible. These are almost
always caused by online edits to the map. Other routes and relations
maintainers will experience the same. As long as there are enough people
who care, it gets fixed. Using the proper tools, that is not very difficult
if you know what you are doing. As soon as they stop, the routes
deteriorate quickly. Not only structural, but also the changes no longer
find their way to OSM.
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