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[editors and/or mappers]

I think some separate a way and insert a new roundabout .. the new
> roundabout does not go into the relations.

This is the sort of problem that iD could cause, a year or two ago.  You
could delete or
disconnect ways that were in a route relation without iD complaining, or
warning you
that you were going to break a relation.  That changed.  Now, in that
situation, iD does
an impression of HAL in the film 2001: "I can't let you do that, Dave."
Tricking iD into
letting you do it is even harder than tricking HAL was. If you do manage to
do it,
you'll have some route repairs to do afterwards, but that's going to be the
with any editor if you break a way to insert a roundabout.

I don't know if iD catches every possible way you could accidentally break
a relation.
But I don't know if any of the other editors do that either.  I doubt their
authors would
guarantee that they could never accidentally break a relation (in fact, I
hope none of
those authors would make such a claim, because it's impossible to be sure).

I have had some that were broken by the additions of turn restrictions.
> Never bothered
to find out what they did, just fixed them and got on with life.  Usually
> they are iD edits,
I suspect most people use iD, particularly those just starting out so it is
> no real guide
as to potential iD problems.

Again, that WAS the case in the past.  It no longer is, at least not for
common ways of
accidentally breaking a relation (where "common" is defined as "stuff I do
or have
done recently").

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