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> On 28. Aug 2019, at 14:40, Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com> wrote:
> According to google translate, it's "pig flats," but I suspect it's being literal rather
> than giving the equivalent English term.  I'd probably map it as building=piggery + 
> levels=n.

maybe there isn’t an English equivalent, these multistorey industrial style animal farms are a Dutch invention as far as I know and you cannot find them in many other places. Sometimes there may even be facilities included within the same structure for slaughtering and putting the meat in cans or package it otherwise for transportation and sale (at least I have seen concepts for this 20 years ago, so they will likely have it now).

With regard to pig sty referring to an outdoor enclosure: the dictionary says it can mean both, a small building or outside area where pigs are kept. This is similar to German where, AFAIK, the outdoor areas associated with an animal building, may be comprised in the term (be seen as part of it). Let me add that outdoor areas for animals aren’t the most frequent way of keeping them, sadly, they used to be rare in my area and are not yet the standard now either.

AFAIK this is a “modern” pigsty (not very suitable for the animals, although they live in small families they don’t have earth to move), it’s called slatted floor type.

from the outside it may look like this:

more happy pigs to be found here (supposedly)

Cheers Martin 
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