[Tagging] Roundtrip and closed loop in relations

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On 19/12/2019 22:48, Phake Nick wrote:
> Merriam Webster and some other resources you have quoted are 
> dictionary for American English, not the variant of English used by 
> OSM. Posts by original author of the topic on the wiki talk page have 
> explained the meaning of the term in British English.

The OED definitions read as follows:

    Originally U.S.
      A. n.
      a. A journey to a place and back again, along the same route;
    (also) a journey to one or more places and back again which does not
    cover the same ground twice, a circular tour or trip.

      b. Baseball. A home run. Cf. round-tripper n. 2.

      2. In extended use and figurative, esp. (Mining and Oil Industry)
    an act of withdrawing and replacing a drill pipe.

      3. Stock Market (originally U.S.). The action or an instance of
    buying and selling the same stock, commodity, etc., often
    simultaneously. Cf. round turn n. 4.

      B. adj. (attributive). Chiefly North American.

      1. Of or relating to a round trip (in various senses). Cf. return
    n. Compounds 1.

      2. That makes or has made a round trip (literal and figurative).

      C. adv. Chiefly North American.

       As a round trip; by travelling to a place and back again.

Note the frequent references to 'U.S.' and 'North American'. It's an 
American phrase, though now widely adopted in the UK.

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