[Tagging] Roundtrip and closed loop in relations

Francesco Ansanelli francians at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 17:15:55 UTC 2019

In my opinion the options are:

- deprecate roundtrip in favour of 2 tags with a generally agreed naming
convention (best at this point)
- keep roundtrip and closed_loop with the wiki definition I did change
(relations must be updated accordingly)

I read many of you asked a revert, I just want to point out that is not a
resolution because tag is currently messed up

Il ven 20 dic 2019, 15:08 Steve Doerr <doerr.stephen at gmail.com> ha scritto:

> On 19/12/2019 22:48, Phake Nick wrote:
> Merriam Webster and some other resources you have quoted are dictionary
> for American English, not the variant of English used by OSM. Posts by
> original author of the topic on the wiki talk page have explained the
> meaning of the term in British English.
> The OED definitions read as follows:
> Originally U.S.
>  A. n.
>  1.
>  a. A journey to a place and back again, along the same route; (also) a
> journey to one or more places and back again which does not cover the same
> ground twice, a circular tour or trip.
>  b. Baseball. A home run. Cf. round-tripper n. 2.
>  2. In extended use and figurative, esp. (Mining and Oil Industry) an act
> of withdrawing and replacing a drill pipe.
>  3. Stock Market (originally U.S.). The action or an instance of buying
> and selling the same stock, commodity, etc., often simultaneously. Cf.
> round turn n. 4.
>  B. adj. (attributive). Chiefly North American.
>  1. Of or relating to a round trip (in various senses). Cf. return n.
> Compounds 1.
>  2. That makes or has made a round trip (literal and figurative).
>  C. adv. Chiefly North American.
>   As a round trip; by travelling to a place and back again.
> Note the frequent references to 'U.S.' and 'North American'. It's an
> American phrase, though now widely adopted in the UK.
> --
> Steve
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