[Tagging] Trailhead tagging

Kevin Kenny kevin.b.kenny at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 14:45:04 UTC 2019

On 1/11/19 2:43 AM, Peter Elderson wrote:
> This covers all trailheads mapped worldwide so far, and excludes 
> locations where a trail just crosses a road.

Here we go again.

Some of the trailheads I've used are exactly that. One of those that I 
can recall in particular is an important trailhead. If you start away 
from it, it will be 60 km before you reach the next road that a car can 
drive on, and another 25 to reach a town where you can get supplies or 
assistance. If I recall correctly (it's about three years since I was up 
that way) all there is at the trailhead is a guidepost (there's a 
register book, but it's in the woods maybe 400 m to discourage 
vandalism). If you want to park a car, you do that at a county 
maintenance garage that's about half a km away on the highway.

And yes, this *is* a customary and designated place for starting/ending 
a trip It's a 220 km trail, so most hikers don't do it in one shot. It's 
a wilderness trail, so it simply doesn't have a lot of facilities other 
than at its endpoints. A trailhead on that trail is simply any place 
with highway access - and I can count them on my fingers, including a 
couple that have access trails that aren't the main trail (maybe about a 
5 km trip to get to the road from the main trail) and another couple 
that cross 4WD-only roads.

There's no government agency designating the trailheads. The trail is 
maintained by a hiking club, with the cooperation of the state 
Department of Environmental Conservation. (The maintenance is haphazard, 
as you'd expect on a trail that remote. That's part of the experience.) 
The trailheads, however, are listed in guidebooks, and appear in a 
shapefile that I get from the DEC that describes points of interest on 
state-owned land. (I do *not* import that file because of data quality 

Despite your repeated denials, you're continuing to try to invent a set 
of definitions that, at least in NL, will encompass all TOPs and nothing 
else. If that's your aim, then invent a tag for TOP and use it,

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