[Tagging] Forest parcel with other landcover (scrub, scree…): how to map?

Peter Elderson pelderson at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 00:00:13 UTC 2019

Vr gr Peter Elderson

Landcover tag now approaches 100 000 occurrences. Still growing despite not
being rendered.  I would think rendering the top three landcover values is
not out of place. The github issues are still there. Initially:
landcover=trees same rendering as natural=wood and landuse=forest
landcover=grass same rendering as landuse=grass
landcover=scrub same rendering as natural=scrub

After that, further steps could be discussed. Until this is done, in my
opinion every discussion about the usage of landuse tags is doomed to fail.
There simply is no way forward if there is no rendering alternative.

E.g. If landcover=trees is rendered, it is safe to restrict landuse=forest
to mean cultivated / exploited forest, used for a. forestry, b.
purposefully maintained forest for multipurpose usage such as all the
forests in the Netherlands.
Natural forests could be preferably tagged as natural=wood, and areas of
trees within a landuse such as a residential area could be tagged with
landcover=trees without cutting up the landuse.

landuse=forest would have a default landcover of trees.
landuse=forestry not. But, by using the landcover tags, you could still use
landcover=forestry is that is really what the use of the land is, and cover
it nicely with the appropriate landcovers.

If landcover=grass is rendered, a clearing in a landuse=forest could simply
be tagged as a polygon with landuse=grass, without cutting up the forest.

The main objection would be: existing base. But the landcover rendering
does not harm the existing base; it's fully backwards compatible. It will
not solve the completely mixed-up use of landuse=forest and natural=wood in
one blow, but it can provide more logical en clearer distinction (and
Over time, micromappers will simplify their own area (all those cut-up
residentials) just because they can and it's simpler and more logical. The
big forest area's often have dedicated mappers who will seize the
opportunity. New mappers will pick it up naturrally without even knowing it
was controversial.

I have spoken. Ugh.
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