[Tagging] Maxtents=<number> or capacity:tents=<number> for campsites?

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 3 20:36:21 UTC 2019

all maxtents=yes are in a "small" area in the north of the USA.
I have send a changeset comment to ask the meaning.

despite that, maxtents=<number> are indeed a bad idea.

capacity:tents is a more common schema
but I don't really see any advantage with
tents=yes + capacity:tents=<number>


Le 03.07.19 à 10:18, Tom Pfeifer a écrit :
> "capacity" is the well established for the number of items the facility 
> can hold,
> from students in school, parking spaces to hotel rooms.
> "maxtents" is hard to understand, ambiguous and likely leading to 
> confusion.
> It could refer to the size as well (maxi tents?) which might explain the 
> poorly tagged "maxtents=yes". Did you check if that came from a weird 
> import?
> tom
> On 03.07.2019 02:05, Joseph Eisenberg wrote:
>> Some users specify the number of tents or caravans allowed at a
>> campsite or camp pitch with tents=<number> and caravans=<number>, but
>> more frequently these are specified with capacity:caravans=<number>,
>> capacity:tents=<number> or maxtents=<number>
>> Currently maxtents=* is used most frequently and it's the shortest
>> key, but there is no equivalent tag for carvans other than
>> capacity:caravans=* - and also, the majority of maxtents= tags are
>> "maxtents=yes" - and I don't understand what this could mean.
>> So I'm thinking that capacity:tents=# and capacity:caravans=# would be
>> the least ambiguous option, along with tents=yes/no and
>> caravans=yes/no?
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