[Tagging] Are disused=yes and abandoned=yes deprecated by disused:key=value & abandoned:key=value?

Andy Townsend ajt1047 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 12:42:19 UTC 2019

On 29/07/2019 13:05, Paul Allen wrote:
> It applies to more than just quarries.  The problem is that the 
> namespaced version, when
> applied to physical objects, renders them invisible (on standard carto).
Please let's just stop worrying about just that one renderer...

> It's fine with usages.  I've mapped pubs that have recently closed and 
> it is uncertain if they
> will re-open as a pub, re-open as something else, be turned into a 
> residence or the
> building itself become disused.  I've been tagging them as 
> disused:amenity=pub
> Some people with what I view as an over-strict interpretation of rules 
> may say that's
> mapping the history of the thing and OSM doesn't map history, but I 
> ignore them.

It's perfectly possible for renderers to make sense of namespaced tags 
(and even, with a bit more difficulty, tags such as "landuse=quarry; 
disused=yes") and do whatever they want with them (obligatory example 

As already mentioned the tricky bit is working out what "disused" means 
for e.g. a quarry.  A map that wanted to show actual places where rock 
was extracted wouldn't show an inactive hole in the ground, whereas one 
that wanted to show holes in the ground would still show them.

> However, there are several buildings in my town that are clearly 
> disused.  Peeling paintwork,
> broken windows, no sign of activity for many years.  If I use 
> disused:building=yes they
> vanish from the map but they're observable in reality, which means the 
> map doesn't
> show something that is physically present.  Using disused=yes is a way 
> around this.
> Call it tagging for the renderer if you want, but it's not lying for 
> the renderer.

A building that isn't used for anything is still in actuality a building 
(until it falls or is knocked down), so I probably wouldn't use that tag 
personally, although there is mid-level usage in e.g. the UK: 
https://overpass-turbo.eu/s/L9H .

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