[Tagging] Mismatched tag status

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jun 11 08:18:16 UTC 2019


On 11.06.19 02:29, Warin wrote:
>> Here's the thing.  In terms of OSM statuses, "de facto" means that the
>> tag is in use. 
> Err I thought
> 'de facto' = "approved" but before the formal approval process was in place
> 'in use' = widely used and in large numbers, sufficient to be recognised
> by renders
> ' undefined' = low numbers, or restricted use .. some incorrectly place
> these as 'in use'

I think it has become clear in a short time that there is no
hard-and-fast definition of any of this.

The idea that tags even *have* a status was introduced by someone
writing wiki templates at some time in the distant past; it's not
something that was even discussed as far as I remember, because it never
was of any importance. We have never discussed or decided that

(a) every tag should have a documented status
(b) the status should be the same in all langauages
(c) what status values there are and what they mean

So your opinion is as good as mine. I'd be tempted to side with Warin
here; if "in use" only meant "used anywhere at least once" then taginfo
can be used to determine that; only if there's *some* human factor in it
would it even make sense. And it could certainly differ across regions.


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