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> I'd like to separate the discussions about* amenity=power_supply* (my
> proposal) and the enhancement/merging of the *socket:* and *power_supply*
> key.
> On topic: I think it is important that information can be added by looking
> at the device. This means that in my opinion *socket:cee_blue= *and*
> socket:cee_red= *should be valid tags. The amperes, if known, could be
> added with socket:[type]:current= like suggested in the wiki.

There are two different senses in which "current" can be used in describing
cee socket outlets: the one I had in mind refers to physically (and
visually) distinct designs of sockets with that colour code: they are
produced in several different sizes, rated for different maximum currents,
16, 32, 63, and 125 amps being common.  The other, which has also been
mentioned, is that the maximum current available from a specific
installation may be lower than the maximum for that design of socket.

Also visible from looking at the device is the number and arrangement of
holes / pins, but I think that at least for single-phase supplies it's
probably reasonable to assume the default.  I guess the notation shown in
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEC_60309#Common_plugs may be suitable.
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