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Connectors too are not necessary fixed.
> When mapped in OSM they are fixed by the location given. So I see no
> problem with OSM defining the socket/connector as being in a fixed
> location.

Don't fixate on "fixed."  In connector terminology, "fixed" means it's
screwed to a wall, or post
while "free" means it's on the end of a cable.   With some car charging
points the car comes with
a cable, one end of which plugs into the car and the other end plugs into a
connector fixed to
the charging point.  With other car charging points the cable is an
intrinsic part of the charging
point and it has a free connector that plugs into the car.  This leads to
confusion if you adopt
the "free connector is called plug" model (as many people do), especially
if the tag is socket=*.

Currents: Installations here do not use connectors that have a higher
> current capacity than the circuit can supply.
> I think that is in the AS wiring rules, and those are legal requirements.

Erm, not quite.  The wiring is always rated higher than the breaker/fuse
because the purpose
of the breaker/fuse is to protect the wiring.  It's not to protect the
equipment or even the connector,
it's to stop your house wiring going up in flames.  The equipment may be on
fire.  The connector
may overheat to the point of being damaged (it shouldn't but some
connectors are a tad
shoddy).  But the breaker should trip before the wiring goes up in flames.

As a practical matter, there is no legal reason not to fit a lower-value
breaker/fuse than the wiring
and connector can handle.  As somebody else remarked on the thread, it's
common in his/her
part of the world for camp sites to fit lower-value breakers than the
wiring and connector can
handle.  And it's entirely possible the wiring is rated lower than the
connector can handle, as
long as the breaker is of low enough value to protect the wiring (not good
practise, but it can
happen if people are trying to do things on the cheap).

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