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> On 2019-03-02 00:59, Graeme Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Being picky, but (at least out here) they're not exempt, they're just
> allowed to break them :-) eg in an emergency, an ambulance can go through a
> red light, but if they cause an accident by doing so, the driver will be
> charged (& they have been)
> Sorry, but I'm inclined to categorize the above as BS, or "fake news", if
> you prefer, until you provide evidence (in which case I'll apologize and
> eat my words).
http://www.ukemergency.co.uk/blue-light-use/ scroll down to, or search for,
section headed
"Exemptions from Road Signs."  Applies in UK, may be subject to change by
future legislation.
Essentially if they cause an accident by jumping a red light they're in the
shit.  Because they're
allowed to go through a red light only if it is necessary AND it is safe to
do so.  If they end up
causing an accident, it obviously wasn't safe to do so.

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