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>     If there was an explosion due to a gas leak and the road is blocked by
>     debris, I guess they can go in the opposite direction of a one-way
>     street as well.
from talking to Albany FD firemen, they will go the wrong way if it
facilitates getting equipment to the fire. they prefer not to, but
sometimes they have to.

but there are sometimes other considerations. when FDs respond
out of their district as part of mutual assistance, they may
not know all the local rules.

i spent some time looking at a project to build OSM based
emergency maps. i concluded we needed to do layers of
information, some of which were appropriate to host in
OSM and others which were not. there would have been a
program to conflate the data to produce an OSMAnd or similar
data file that met the department needs but avoided
dumping inappropriate data into OSM.


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