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When one shop is replaced by another, I always keep the old name with
> old_name even if no one else uses it to designate the new store. the
> primary purpose is to prevent someone from re-encoding the old store
> with an older source than mine.

I do that with a note because Nominatim will return answers for old_name as
well as name.
So if the supermaket chain Whizzo (fictional name) has closed down its
store in one town,
using old_name=Whizzo will lead people from out of area searching for their
nearest Whizzo
to think it's still there but has rebranded (it's still Whizzo but with a
new name).  That's why
note=* exists, to let other mappers know why a thing is mapped a certain
way when reasons
exist to assume it ought not be.

There are cases where I'd use old_name: where the name has changed but not
the function.
Houses of significance (such as listed buildings, mansions, etc.) which
have changed name
but references may be found in older books (and even on-line) to the old
name.  You may not
know that Castell Malgwyn Hotel became Hammet House after you find a
reference to
Castell Malgwyn somewhere (still a hotel: it may revert to theold name
soon, and if it does
I'll swap name and old_name).  Pubs sometimes change name with a change of
and again references to the old name abound.

Where I'd definitely not use old name is where (for example) a general
store closed down
and a restaurant re-opened in its place: Siop y Cardi (general store) in
Cardigan is now Crwst
(restaurant).  Using old_name for that would be highly misleading and
benefit nobody.  If I
thought another mapper might come along and rename back to Siop y Cardi
then I would have
added a note saying that was the building's previous incarnation, not used

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