[Tagging] Use of old_name (was Re: Mapping deforestation)

Marc Gemis marc.gemis at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 09:06:28 UTC 2019

> > If I decide to meet with a friend AGAIN in front of Whizzo, we both
> > already know where it is.
> congratulations if you ever need gps to go to a place where you have
> already been (I wonder in this case why commercial gps have a "go home"
> shortcut since everyone has already been there)

totally off-topic:

 I know plenty of people that cannot do that without GPS, including myself.
Can you drive without GPS to any destination that you have visited the
last 20 years? I can't, especially not when I drove there following
the GPS.
For example, I won't be able to drive without a map/GPS to any my
holiday destinations, even not the one from last year. I cannot
remember all the turns we made during a 1000 km trip.

Some people cannot navigate back home from any town center where they
have not been before without using your GPS, especially when there are
a lot of one-way streets, so the trip back is different.


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