[Tagging] Superroutes - good, bad or ugly?

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Great description of PTV2.


Am I right in thinking that a superroute is a sequence of ways and 
relations of ways? The relation of ways could be called a route-segment 
or similar. A I see it routes for most trains and buses are a sequence 
of ways and route-segments, and a route-segment could be used by many 


On 14/03/2019 03:43, Warin wrote:
> On 14/03/19 01:02, Paul Allen wrote:
>> One problem that I don't see a solution for in PTV1, PTV2 or "we 
>> don't tag it PTV3" is a stop
>> that is ignored on the first pass but comes into play on the second 
>> pass.  The bus starts at
>> the bus station A, passes through nodes B, C and D and turns right at 
>> D to E.  On this pass
>> through C it ignores the bus stop there.  After it's gone through the 
>> alphabet back to A, it
>> again goes through B, C and D but this time turns left to alpha, 
>> beta, etc.  On this pass it
>> does stop at C.  Piling all the stops into the relation may lead the 
>> routers to conclude that
>> you can wait at the stop C to get directly to E when you can't (but 
>> you can get on at C to take
>> a detour through the greek alphabet and eventually get to E because 
>> it's a circular).
> IN PTV2 you list the stops in order .. so they would be listed as;
> A
> B
> D
> E
> etc
> A
> B
> C
> D
> E
> etc
> So it can be done in PTV2.
>> Splitting it into route segments would fix the problem with the stop 
>> at C.  On one segment it isn't
>> a listed stop.  On another segment it is.
> A segment end does not indicate a stop .. in PTV2. The segments need 
> to be in sequential order and so do the stops.
> I did a rough simpletons guide to PTV2 .. 
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Warin61/diary/45106
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